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Cancun Family Holidays

Discover The Magical Caves Of Cancun

If there’s one activity you absolutely must include on Cancun family holidays it’s spending as much time as you can discovering all the amazing underground caves and waterfalls that can be found in this incredible part of the world.

Those of you who always feel especially adventurous while on holiday might want to strike out on your own and find these caverns for yourselves, but you can always play it safe and organise a guided tour (which might be a better idea if you’ve never been to Mexico before).

Something like the Rio Secreto underground river tour with crystal caves might be a good place to start. The tour itself lasts around seven hours so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and you’ll spend an entire day swimming and wading about in some of the best caves to be found in Mexico.

The crystal caves are famous around the world, with highlights of the tour including swimming through an underground river, exploring the Rio Secreto Nature Reserve and seeing all the amazing crystal formations above the beautiful turquoise water first-hand. What could possibly be better?

Another option would be to make your way to Xcaret Park, a network of natural channels that runs beneath the Yucatan Peninsula. This is the perfect place for exploring the Manatee, Maya and Blue rivers, as well as discovering the local mangroves and pink flamingo populations. This eco-archaeological park is actually the best place to go to find out more about the Mayan jungle and Mexican culture, so a must if you want to educate yourself and your kids about your holiday destination.

As well as swimming about in the underground rivers, you can also go on a snorkelling tour and swim with dolphins, as well as paying a visit to Jaguar Island and spending lots of time in the amazing Butterfly Pavilion.

If you’re still on the hunt for cenotes – Mexican caves and caverns underground – put Ik-Kil on the list, also known as the Sacred Blue Cenote. You’ll find this between Chicen Itza and Valladolid, and at 130ft deep it’s one of the best places to go for swimming and snorkelling.

You have to go down a wooden stairway to find it and there’s also a restaurant and even somewhere you can stay for the night. Another world-famous cenote worth visiting is Cenote Dos Ojos, two circular cenotes that are perfect for scuba divers, swimmers and snorkelers.

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