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Cheap Australia Holidays

5 Top Tips For Travelling Around Australia On A Budget

Just because you’ve set yourself a tight budget for planning your next trip away doesn’t mean that you can’t go to far-flung places and really see what the world has to offer the discerning jet-setter. There are plenty of ways you can organise Australia cheap holidays but you do need to do your research and make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you fly. Here are just a couple of ways you can save cash while booking the holiday of a lifetime.


There are numerous ways you can save yourself some money while travelling around Australia, especially if you’re a student or above a certain age. Older people can get discounts on all sorts of purchases, whether it’s car rental, airfares, museum admissions, theatre tickets and more. If you’re not a student but under the age of 26, check out the International Youth Travel Card, which will give you some discounts as well.


Making sure you have travel insurance is a must and not an area to skimp on whatsoever, but before you buy it separately make sure you check that you don’t already have a policy in place via your credit card or health insurance. Chances are that you do! Stolen luggage could also be covered by your house insurance.

Look out for BYO

It can be quite pricy to eat out in Australia, so if you do want to make your budget stretch try to eat in places that allow you to Bring Your Own (BYO), so you can buy cheaper wine and beer and bring it to dinner with you instead of forking out for expensive drinks.


If you want to see the city but still want to save some cash, why don’t you book yourself a walking tour instead of a bus tour? These are often cheaper and you’ll get a far better feel for the place you’re in by walking around than by sitting on a bus, feeling a bit removed from it all.

Happy hour

Need a beer? Happy hour is usually between 16:00 and 18:00, so get your drinks in then to keep the bar tab down to a minimum. Thursday and Friday are usually when happy hours are a feature in bars and pubs in cities, so perhaps earmark these days for a bit of frivolity if you can.

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