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Cheap Bali Holidays

What To Do In Bali

Looking for a tropical paradise to visit this year? Then may we suggest booking Bali cheap holidays, a tropical paradise like no other. There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful part of the world that you’ll be completely spoiled for choice – so much so that you’ll really struggle deciding what to do each day! Take your pick from stunning beaches, incredible surfing opportunities, amazing natural sites to explore, five-star beach resorts, spa retreats… the list goes on. Here are some of our top picks to help you whittle down what you want to do on your holiday in Bali.


Are you something of an adventurer? In that case, canyoning in Bali is the activity for you! It involves making your way around canyons using different techniques like scrambling, walking, climbing, abseiling, jumping and swimming – so you’ll be beat by the end of the day! There are various tours you can book in Bali and you’ll see some amazing countryside (including some of the world’s best waterfalls).

Explore the rice terraces

Head off to Ubud where you’ll find the famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces. There are some of the best views in Bali to be found here and it makes for a wonderful day out. If you’re of an artistic persuasion, don’t forget your paints or sketchpads as you’re sure to want to do a few drawings before you leave.

Ubud Monkey Forest

This monkey forest – also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal – is one of the biggest tourist attractions around and it’s a must-see for those of you booking holidays to Bali at the moment. There’s no better place in the world to see monkeys enjoying their natural habitat – and there are some stunning temples to be found here as well, so don’t forget your camera as you’re sure to want to snap the guardian statues before you leave.

The Elephant Cave

The Goa Gaja Elephant Cave is a site of archaeological and historical significance, and somewhere really special to visit while in Bali. Make your way to the Bedulu Village, just outside central Ubud, and you’ll find incredibly intricate rock wall carvings, bathing pools, fountains, a meditation cave and lots more. There are also rice fields and streams that’ll take you down to the Petanu River.

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Discover Yoga On Discount Flights To Bali

If you’re planning on going on a spiritual journey this year but want to coincide this with a lovely holiday in a tropical paradise, then might we suggest that you book discount flights to Bali sooner rather than later? There has never been a better time to fly to Bali with cheap Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy class fares available with leading airlines. Bali is a popular destination and it’s important to book early for cheap flights to Bali.

The last few decades have seen yoga really take off on this particular island and it’s not really that much of a surprise, given the nature of the place. The scenery is so inspiring, so beautiful, so peaceful and calming, that it’s hardly a wonder people come from all over the world for their yoga practice. It’s certainly better than the dusty gym floor with a class of 30 other people, we’re sure you’ll agree!

There are lots of places you can go to practice yoga while in Bali, with one of the best The Yoga Barn in Ubud. This is in fact one of the most popular of them all, surrounded by mountains and green rice fields. There’s also a café nearby that serves amazing vegan food so you can look after yourself inside and out. Bear in mind, however, that because of its popularity you will be one in a crowd when it comes to yoga sessions so if you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, this isn’t the one for you.

Instead, consider making your way to Radiantly Alive, also in Ubud. There are only two yoga studios here so the classes are a lot smaller, although remember that it can be a bit on the expensive side.

Or you could head off to Seminyak where you’ll find the Prana Spa Bali, the best place to go if you want a spot of pampering after you’ve done your cats and cows. There are all sorts of different treatments available, from jet lag remedies (perfect for after your long flight to Bali) and caviar luxe facials to pedicures, hair cream baths, body masks, deep tissue massages and a whole lot more.

For something a little different, why don’t you pop off to The Power Of Now Oasis, where you can enjoy daily yoga and meditation classes in a bamboo turtle-shaped studio. It’s right on the white sandy beach of Sanur as well, so you’re sure to really be able to go deeper into your practice than ever before.

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