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The Best Places To Visit in USA

Discount Flights To The USA: 4 Of The Best Places To Visit

America is one of the places you absolutely have to go to at least once before you die in your life– but the truth of the matter is that once you’ve been there just the once, you’ll be booking discount flights to the USA over and over again. There are direct flights with BA, Virgin Atlantic and the American carriers. Super Destinations have exclusive special fares. Fly to the USA in economy for just £260. Business class to the USA is from just £1179 and premium economy to the USA is from £685.

The country is so vast that you could spend your entire life exploring it and still only see a tiny portion of it. So with that in mind, here are just a few of the best places to visit in order to get you started.

New York

It’s an obvious one to include in this list but an obvious one for a reason. The Big Apple is famous the world over for its restaurants, theatres, museums and lots, lots, lots more. There are so many iconic landmarks to spot, amazing iconic boutiques and bakeries in the likes of Brooklyn and the East Village, unrivalled shopping opportunities down Fifth Avenue… you’ll never, ever be bored in New York.


This magical city in South Carolina is perfect if you’re something of a history buff and want to really get a feel for what the US was like back in the day. Mansions centuries old can be found here, the cobblestone roads will take you back into the past, Fort Sumter will tell you all about the Civil War, the art galleries are incredible – and you’re not even far from the beach if you want some sea, sand and surf as well.


Portland is the biggest city in Maine, founded in 1632 on the Casco Bay Peninsula. Culture vultures and artistic souls will get along here – theatre, music, galleries, artists… it’s got it all. Head to the arts district first of all and join in with the First Friday Art Walks, the biggest free monthly cultural event in Maine.

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

For something truly special and a little off the beaten track, make your way to Alaska and the Denali National Park and Preserve. Here you’ll find almost 2.5 million hectares of complete wilderness – perfect for anyone who loves camping, hiking and spending as much time outside as possible. Time your trip right and head there in autumn, and it’s highly likely that you’ll get an incredible view of the Northern Lights!

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